Thursday, February 28, 2013

Purity: For Better or Worse by my sister, Rebekah

                                                                                                                           Written by Rebekah Allison

                                   Thoughts from a non writer

So, the other night I was watching a period drama. You know, one of those where everybody is dressed in the clothes you wish never went out of style; where the hero is handsome, dashing, complete with a swoon-worthy accent; and the hero always ends up (after trials and misunderstanding) with the right heroine. They're the shows that make us adore our femininity! I could go on, but then I really would swoon and would be unable to finish this note.  Anyway, back to topic. It prompted me to think about one of the differences between then and now. You see, this week I also saw a magazine cover, basically, making fun of someone for their purity. My thought was, "How did we come this far?" In the aforementioned time of the period drama, this is how it worked: A young lady's reputation was EVERYTHING. I am not saying everything about the way they did things was always right. But, think of this. You lived in an age where you, your parents, your potential suitors, literally everyone, expected you to be a lady. (I think you all know what I mean when I say, "lady"). More than that, YOU expected everyone previously mentioned to treat you as a lady. So far, that sounds pretty good to me. Now, I have always liked the idea of being a lady because I am a "girly-girl". But if that wording does not sound nice to you, let me clarify. By "Lady", I simple mean that you behave in a way that makes people think well of you as a person. Being the kind of person that people would not believe any bad rumors about because, even if they do not know you, they know your good reputation.  Am I this type of lady? I hope so!  I think as young ladies, we need to stop believing the lie that our purity is something to be ashamed of. In a way, I think this lie is even harder on guys because it's related to a guys image. And because the guys are under pressure, they pressure girls.... and back to my target audience. =)

Young Ladies, I think we should start a trend. A trend of being proud of our purity. I do not know about you, but mine has been fought for! By my Lord; by my parents, other family and by myself. I am proud of it. (in what I hope, is a right pride, sort of way). I am not going to throw it away at the first guy who smiles and winks. (Side bar:  Does anyone one else hear Topher Grace shouting “ Guard your carnal treasure”?"... Just me?.... okay, moving on.)  Purity is something to be protected; sought after; held in high esteem; and treasured.  I can 100 precent tell you that if you want to marry a nice guy; (or even a not so nice guy... which I certainly hope you do not want to marry!); they want a "lady" for a wife. Okay, enough about that, because I am blushing.

I know I very well might be preaching to the choir. But, if the choir gets enough members, maybe, the rest of the world will listen and join? We need to change our thoughts and be "proud", so that when you stand for purity, people will look at you with respect; instead of disbelief and,  "Well, she's weird and has an abnormal attitude". I am convinced we are not as much of a minority as the world would have us think. But, even if we are, and we never stop the magazine articles or the weird looks. The bottom line is this: I want to respect myself and I want my family and future spouse to respect me. The decision is yours. However, I would say that we all makes mistakes and a reputation can be rebuilt. Even if only to yourself. So, never give up on you or your purity! I know of one Man Who values it highly and died to prove that you are special to Him! ( thanks, Jesus.)  Because in the end, this is what it comes down to: as girls, we want to be special to someone. We want to feel pretty and loved. WELL, WE ARE!  I hope and pray that I meet the man someday who prizes me and all I am!   Oh, and if he has a swoon-worthy accent, that would be alright. =) Until then, I pray for contentment in who I am... a "boyfriend-less" lady.  Also, I pray for purity in all of its forms. (I.E. my mind and body)

Just thoughts from this non-writer. Hopefully, something made sense in the randomness!  God Bless.

Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me. -Psalm 51:10

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